Privacy policy

Your concerns about privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. We hope that this will be achieved through this policy.This privacy policy is designed to help you understand the nature of the data collected when you visit (Family Finder) or use (Family Finder App) and how this data is processed.

Registration information and profile

When creating an account, we may collect your personal information such as username, email address, IP address, device ID, login date,exit date, current location, and last active. So that we can provide distinguished services.


We collect your location information through your device's IP address and the WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS coordinates (such as latitude and longitude) available from your mobile device. We may also collect information about your site using other technologies and sensors that may provide us information about nearby devices, access points, WiFi networks, and nearby cell towers. We collect and maintain site data to provide you with service features and functions. We may also share site information with third parties for advertising, research, analysis and other purposes. If you wish to unsubscribe from your site's data set, please adjust your settings on your mobile device to restrict the application's access to your site's data.

Messages and user content

We do not collect information when you send voice messages to your family

Children's privacy

Our service allows parents to track the location of their children on mobile devices that the parent added to the family account. The purpose of the service is to use only for children under 13 that the father or mother creates the account on the child's phone.
The child will then be able to participate in the (: app_link_name) service as a member of the family account. The child’s personal information, including name, email and location, will be shared with the father or mother at (app_link_name), and the child will be allowed to send a emergency alarm and voice notes to the father or mother at (app_link_name). We do not use or share the personal information that is collected From accounts of children under 13 for marketing or advertising purposes, or we allow our third-party partners to collect and use this information for advertising purposes.

External Links

(Family Finder) and (Family Finder App) may contain links to other sites, advertisements from external sites such as Google AdSense, Google Admob or services from other sites such as Google Analytics. These sites may collect data about you and we do not consider data collection methods By those sites.
You can view the privacy policies of the sites directly.

Disclosure information

We will maintain the privacy of the basic data collected by the visitor described here and will not disclose this information to any third party unless required by any law or when we believe in good faith that such action will be required or desirable to comply with the law, Or to defend or protect the proprietary rights of our applications or beneficiaries.
Our security systems can't be compromised and we can't guarantee its safety 100%.

Changes to privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify the privacy policy terms and conditions if necessary, to make adjustments to this page consistent with what is collected about the visitor, how we will use it, and who we will provide it with.